someone with the smarts on r-t-rdedly cool things.
– jane does something r-t-rdedly cool –
mark: oh, you’re such a jenieus!

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  • jerime

    a boy who is good at many things, but never excells at any one thing. he is usually very loyal and honest to those who are close to him, but sometimes gets caught up in his own ways. he will always look out for his friends. man, you’re such a jerime.

  • cyber gothy got it one really knows the meaning of goth. and really i think its sad people label to be honest. everyone’s there own person and thats that.. learn it and like it. cyber gothy isnt even a label…its a made up word, i think you’re looking for ‘cyber goth’ 1. a ridiculous “goth” […]

  • cyber reunion

    to join any website for reconnecting with old school friends such as facebook, mysp-ce, etc. and finding out what they have been up to over the years and what is happening with them now. i can’t believe how many of my cl-ssmates from high school are on facebook, it is like a freakin’ cyber reunion!

  • glar

    acronym for giggling like a r-t-rd. preferable to the insipid and overused lol. oh my g-d. that is hilarious. -glar- a term used in lieu of of ones name when speaking directly to him/her, or when talking about someone in a separate conversation. most often used when ones name cannot be remmembered. 1) where do […]

  • cyberst*tion

    fear or suspicion that providing personal information such as a p-ssword or email address in order to access an application, website or other system could conceivably make one vulnerable to attack by phishers, hackers or viruses. bartleby preferred not to open his email on the grounds that he suspected his mailserver had been hacked although […]

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