jeniya is the most beautiful girl you ever seen in your life and her body is just like😩 amazing good dancer loves trap music goes for guys that love her for her but people don’t value her until she gone &she loyal asf.dont f-ck with her she could fight ask destiny got her -ss kick for talking sh-t. jeniya is cool she’s a lil trapstar smokes weed and she a sneaker head all she rocks is designer trues,rocks and etc and most of all she’s a good girl but does poorly in school cus she gone through so much she can’t focus.jeniya is a dime all the way if you get her keep her make her yo baby mama so she can be apart of your forever,jeniya is wifey material fine asl got h-lla cakes and got h-lla beef with a lot of mf cus they be hating but she don’t give a f-ck cus you can catch her hands and her hands are bipolar which means n-gg-s and hoes can get em.
jeniya is f-cking lit you wish you where in her level.

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