a crazy adorable fun crazy friend. she has your back on anything. she cheers you up when your down. cool dancer. she knows a girl named isabel. she gets to laugh a lot. she’ll be your ping to your pong. she’ll be the fun loving crazy best friend your looking for.& loud at times
isabel: im saad i failed my test.
jennelle: dont be the teachers are just jealous cause us kids are way cooler than them!
isabel: aw thanks you always got my back
jennelle: h-ll yeah i do!!
funniest, most outgoing pretty, women you will lay eyes on. smart honest loveing and unselfish… you would be lucky to ever meet someone as great as her.
im the luckiest guy in the world because i know jennelle.
a ginger who grinds her panties up on them sugar daddy’s for there dough. although they can seem sweet and harmless at time, watch out, for if you p-ss them off, they will always end up triple flip kicking you in the face.
tamara: d-mn ginger!!!

mysteri: yea jesus crist jennelle!!!

jennelle: f-ck you.hard 🙂
a name.
f-ck off jennelle
jennelle: thats a name!

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