an outgoing, funny girl, who gives more than she takes and never complains. always has a smile on her face. usually has big t-ts and and awesome -ss. willing to go the extra mile to make her lover in bed happy, but expects it back!
d-mn i wish i had a girl like jennica.
when a female is often regarded to be a strong willed person who has a natural knack of bringing people close together. a strong affinity for cameras, photography and food are also qualities found in many, “jennica’s”

the term itself is not to be used lightly as it it is often regarded as the, ‘highest’ of praises.
wow this party turned out great! who set it up? clearly it was the jennica of the bunch.
a funny, crazy, and weird person who tells weird stories that wastes time; also obsessed with chocolate!
jennica is such a jennica!!
a term for changing your relationship status on facebook from “in a relationship” to “married” without telling any of your friends first. thereby, notifying all your friends at once without any drama.
i just pulled a jennica…i got married today, but i planned it a week ago! i didn’t tell anybody & i just changed my facebook status!
a nickname for girls named jennifer and/or jessica who are constantly compared to one another, say the same thing at the same time, work together, borrow each others’ clothes, like the same movies, and laugh at each others’ jokes when no one else thinks they are funny. they are essentially one person, so they are called “jennica”… it sounds nicer than “jessifer”.
“which one of you is jessica and which one is jennifer?”

“we are jennica, if that makes it easier to remember.”
a derogatory term for a filipino wh-r-.
d-mn, you see that jennica? she’s got some big t-ts.
a secret ident-ty for someone who is a cyborg. if the person has this name, carefully watch their every move. if they get ahold of you, they will -ssign you as a cres for the rest of your life.
i was watching an awesome movie, this jennica attacked an entire town and destroyed everything.

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