the biggest jerk on the planet…
why are you such a jerkapottamus?

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  • bent straw in his mixed drink

    a bent straw in a mixed drink is a for sure sign the owner of said drink is clearly h-m-s-xual. they usually drive trucks to big for them trying to compensate for other areas they lack. (either height or weiner length) why does sean have “a bent straw in his mixed drink.” it’s because he […]

  • nicole daley

    a dirty little -sswhole, selfcentered brat that crys over everything hurts people’s feeling then crus when he are hurt. dirt mother f-cking -sswhole who has no intention of being nice to anybody but herself nicole daley should go f-ck herself

  • w h n i

    the word you use to describe a boy that’s cute and you really like but you don’t know his name pr-nounced like winnie. whni acronym for “whatever his name is” maan that boy in my biology cl-ss is so cute but i don’t know his name imma just call him w.h.n.i .

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    that creepy b-tch from the ring films. if seen run, close yo godd-mn eyes. guy 1: hey watch this tape dude guy2: oh h-ll to-the-no that’s the creepy b-tch samarah nah the baddest chick in town. all the dudes want her but she is very selective cuz her momma raised her right. all the chicks […]

  • keyserism

    the fear of dying naked and your friends finding out that you have a small p-n-s as he sat on the toilet with his pants around his ankles, staring blankly at the cheap, old hot water system, keyserism played heavily on his mind.

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