an extremely unathletic h-m-s-xual.
tom is a total jeske

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  • kanzbra

    a wild beast that has the most graceful laugh. if you listen closely it sounds like a hyena. i went to the zoo and heard a loud chuckle. when i turned around i already knew it was a kanzbra.

  • katley

    beautiful young girl that will kick your b-tt if need be. she is not afraid to tell you the brutal truth. she may be tiny but she can pack a punch. so if you ever meet a girl named katley, i advise you to stay on her good side. i just met katley, she kicked […]

  • kentucky fried fetish

    to stick piece of kfc into someone’s v-g-n-, bone part down, and eat it while it is stuck in her v-g-n-. d: hey girl i have a kentucky fried fetish how about we meet in the bathroom and i’ll grab a drumstick, huh? g: ew get the f-ck away

  • keyboard c*ck blocked

    when you can not use the letters p,o,r,n as it has been used too much in efforts of searching for p-rn and blocks you from your fun time. i couldn’t enjoy myself last night couldn’t find p-rn i got keyboard c-ck blocked

  • kitty bop

    a phrase used to describe a girl (usually a hoe) that is irrelevant in life. also can be used to express that you are not worried/scared of that girl. “i heard yo man cheated on you with loren” “who?” “loren” “kitty bop.”

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