origin: the nati
base word, “jet” gives the impression of being “fast” which means being a little too outgoing towards your s-xual preference or being very very very very very very s-xually “thirsty”… very.
ex 1: “d-mn, that b-tch go super hard! she was extra jetty!”
to be extremly s-xually active. to perform a action beyond the s-xual expectation.
aw you know they bout to get jetty

ay bra she go dumb hard, she stay tryna get jetty with every dude…

ya’ll nasty, ya’ll some jetty birds man
jetty is a garage born skateboard & surf company based in new jersey. established in 2003, jetty has produced over 8 lines of clothing and is sold in over 50 specialty retail locations in north america. jetty supports talented skateboarders, surfers, musicians, & artists.
check out this new jetty shirt!
a girl in high school that has a need, “craving” for “s-x” and attention… all day they think about s-x and walk around thinking they are the sh-t when really they are ugly and gross.
they are just “thirsty”
d-mn you see the way cara walks?
yeah its discusting…
she looks like she just had s-x!

i heard she was with scott last night.
really i heard she was with ricky last night.
you know she went hard…
d-mn cara is jetty!!!
a jetty (taken from the term jet black) is someone with naturally jet black hair.
it can also mean a wharf for docking a boat, a fast vehicle, or someone who is highly s-xually active.
is that her natural hair color?
yes, she’s a jetty.


are these girls dying their hair?
yeah, they’re sick of being jetties.
1. anything involving 10 and 2.
2. to drive a personal watercraft (waverunner or jetski) extremely slow.
1. “have you seen jeremy drive? he drives with his hands at 10 and 2. he drives jetty.”
2. “what time are our meetings today? at 10 and 2?” “yeah we are meeting at jetty.”
3. “last night while playing texas hold ’em i had that jetty hand. 10-2 suited.”
4. “jeremy drives that waverunner super slow.” yeah, he drives jetty.”
wild unpredictable
last night’s party was a maximum jetty

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