jew clown

1.a very successful clown, usually with a big red nose, wearing jewlery of the fingers and very curly ‘puffy’ hair, that stands in a jew fro a jewish clown’s main act is to beg for money, or dress up in a banker suit (jewish clowns are often playing the role of many stereotypical jewish jobs). jewish clowns, play their acts well, and recieve much money, usually if they pay is just a wince under what they usually make, or their food isn’t just right they will monotonously complain.

2. one big douche bag, usually considered an insult if called a jew clown
john your a f-ck-ng jew clown, no one likes you.
wow john, real mature you probably lick jew clown nipples
bozo is a famous jew clown
“wow mordecai! your going to be one big jew clown!” said joxepa bergbergstein
1. noun- hook nose jew clown who strives to get the latest dior homme, at any price/s-xual favor. can be usually found in nearest fast food joint, or watching jerry springer at 12am on random couch. also see: matthieu
matt is the jew clown of all jew clowns. agreed!

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