a combination of the words “jew” and “instincts,” jewstincts usually refer to sound financial decisions. the term generally carries a positive connotation and is applicable to people of jewish or non-jewish heritage. it can be used as an insult in the proper context, especially if someone is being scroogey with his or her money.
guy 1: bruh, when you gonna start paying for da weed, too? you always be hittin up on my stash!
guy 2: n-gg- pleez, you straight stuntin! you can pop hundies all you want, but why i gotta throw down kraft singles when i can get it fo free from you?
guy 1: b-tch, d-mn you and yo jewstincts!
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the natural instinct of finding lower prices on products that every jewish person is born with
“hey andy did you see matt got that ipod touch off ebay for a hundred bucks less?”

“how the f-ck did he do that?”

“he used his jew-stincts to find a lower price. what a f-cking jew huh?”

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