is what the gods name the most beautiful angels. simply beautiful inside and out. has an amazing voice and in depth has the purest mind, heart and soul of all. jiavanna is a unique, s-xy, sophisticated and elegant goddess. she is a little bit shy at first but when her shield is down and you get to know her well you will see that she is truly amazing. she knows how to party and can be very naughty at times. but her attractive personality and figure will have you coming back for more. she is a secret holder and a problem solver. she is the smartest and sweetest person you will ever meet. you are lucky if you ever meet her.
“you are still together with jiavanna!? man there’s no doubt you are the luckiest guy in the world!!”

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  • gods herb

    dank -ss holy plant (aka marijuana) coined by j-boy, december 2016 person 1: “oh sh-t it’s j-boy!” person 2: “let’s ask him if he has any ganja.” person 1: “hey j-boy, ya got any reefer?” j-boy: “you mean gods herb?”

  • trying to peel a potato with another potato

    another term for depressed. jane: i’m currently trying to peel a potato with another potato. samuel: aww, what happened? jane: my dog just p-ssed away yesterday.

  • green sleeve

    when you vomit in a condom then use it… i don’t remember anything about last night but all the evidence is on the bedroom floor that i green sleeved her….

  • shurig queef

    the act of queefing in a jar and selling it. john: dude i bought a shurig queef! devon: dude thats great!

  • zykenzia

    a loyal -ss female. she doesn’t play about the people she loves, she’ll beat ya -ss real quick. she’s beautiful and she has curves. d-mn zykenzia fine.

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