the past tense form of j-zz
i jiazzed down both my legs when i saw that big breasted woman

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  • jiggalicious

    adj. a non-derogatory term describing a state of being of sufficient weight to jiggle when one walks or performs other basic physical activities; roughly equivalent to ‘pleasingly plump’ a: did you see that girl? b: oh yeah, she was jiggalicious. 1 more definition something along the lines of delightful d-mn man that concert was jiggalicious

  • jiggy room

    a room designated for the act of making out a party. it is not necciserily private and can often be a communal area with multiple couples. basically its the room people refer to when they tell you to “get a room” the jiggy room is charlotte’s room so feel free to go up and make […]

  • jihading

    the act of simulating a jihad. thus might include an -ssembly of people pretaining caucasian decent. this crew of people dress up as if they are of indian decent by dressing up, dancing and talking like real jihads.this often involves bed sheets, shantis and the sounds of bollywood. to really jihad, the -ssembly of caucasian […]

  • jimmy protector

    what the beastie boys call a condom “you get the jimmy protector” -the sounds of science

  • jinkied

    to be beaten at something. you just got jinkied!

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