chinese pinyin, pr-nounced as “cheepah”, vulgar chinese for “d-ck, p-n-s, c-ck”. widely used in chinese community as the subst-tution for the word “f-ck”.
a: look! he’s so handsome!
b: jiba! (f-cking no!)
jones is bad -ss!; the primary battle cry of members of mary gibbs jones college at rice university

pr-nunciation: jee-ba! alternate: jîba!
in response to a jones victory or the presence of a large, hostile m-ss of members from another college, jiba is chanted repeatedly with a fist pump for each syllable.
jones is bad -ss!; the predominant battlecry of members of mary gibbs jones college at rice university

pr-nunciation: jee-ba! alternate: jîba!
when confronted with a large, pack of hostile students from martel dormitory, the jonesians chanted “jiba” to ward them off.

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