a rather large child who consumes a lot of beverages and food in short amounts of time who also eats 6 times a day and is protective of his/her food.
that d-mn jibbly would not stop eating.

jibbly is fat.

i love jibbly.
great jibblies please stop eating.
a sensation occurring when something seriously creeps you out. in many cases it will cause you to twitch and say “jibblies” involuntarily.
strong bad: you may notice i didn’t do anything to the p–psmith. i figure the guy shovels cr-p for a living so his tolerance for pain’s gotta be through the roof. i was thinking about giving him a bath or something but, just the thought of that gave me the jibblies.
n. uncomfortable feeling of dread or horror. esp. uncomfortable mental image.

syn: w-ll–s, heebie jeebies, weirded out, creeped out

ant: stoked, psyched

ent: coined by the character strongbad on www.homestarrunner.com
the thought of another minute sitting next to dat sk-nk gave me da jibblies
a jibbly is a baby worm. it can be found in the wilderness also known as the gr-ssy area outside of your house. jibbleologists study jibblys. the word jibbly was founded one day in a middle school cl-ssroom. the founders were two 6th grade boys with large imaginations. jibbly can also be a slang word, and as an example: that shirt is so jibbly.
a baby worm. that shirt is so jibbly.
a horrible feeling that makes you want to jump around, kick your feet, and shake your hands, attempting to rid yourself of the bad feeling. often caused by creepy people and that horrible painting in strong mad’s closet.
that horrible painting in strong mad’s closet: (whispers)come on in here.
strong bad: jibblies jibblies jibblies jibblies jibblies jibblies.
a heightened state of excitement and satisfaction.
discovering new music makes me feel all jibbly.
male genitals; t-st-cl-s
i just totally kicked him in the jibblies.
adj. jello like booty, the shake in a booty as it moves
dang she got a jibbly booty

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