a ugly -ss b-tch. that sucks
all jimenez are ugly.
type of ultra cheap .22 pistol made from out of zamac – an inexpensive alloy made of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper. sat-rday night special; gun rumored to be used by criminals or lower level gang initiates.

also known on the streets as “jimmy z”

opposite: deagle (desert eagle)
if you don’t put the money in the bag, jimenez is gonna go “bang”.

i got me a jimenez with da chrome and wood grips.

rafeta think he’s all that just cuz he got hiself a pimped jimenez. but, kernal jo-jo know better than dat – da kernal don’t mess ’round with no pimp gun like a jimenez – he got a deagle fity.
1. synonym for beast.

2. when someone slams someone else on thier head.

3. synonym for genius.
1 and 2: man he just jimenezed that guy! he is such a jimenez!

3. he discovered a cure for cancer, what a jimenez.
it is a synonym for the dirty sanchez. doggy style with finger in the b-tt
you were pretty loud last night, i know i got jimenezed.
a guy on guy dirty-sanchez
“hey luis, when did you grow that mustache?”

“oh, it’s not a mustache. i got jimenezed last night, and didn’t wash up this morning.”

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