muhammad ali jinnah
a 20th century lawyer, politician, statesman and the founder of pakistan officially known as quaid-e-azam, ie “great leader” in pakistan

stanley wolpert says:
“few individuals significantly alter the course of history. fewer still modify the map of the world. hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. muhammad ali jinnah did all three”

he was an avid supporter of hindu-muslim unity, but having seen the att-tude of hindus towards muslims he feared muslims would become minority and be persecuted under a majority hindu rule once british left india (the testament to this fear is the current situation of muslim and christian minorities in india)

jinnah later advocated the two-nation theory with the goal of creating a separate muslim state as per the lah-r- resolution

for indians: people in pakistan respect gandhi and call him mahatma gandhi as would any indian refer to him.

and for critics of jinnah who blame him for the part-tion, jinnah never really wanted part-tion, but was forced to put forward the two nation idea because of the att-tude of hindus and congressmen

some historians like h m seervai and ayesha jalal -ssert that jinnah never wanted part-tion of india —it was the outcome of the congress leaders being unwilling to share power with the muslim league. it is -sserted that jinnah only used the pakistan demand as a method to mobilise support to obtain significant political rights for muslims.
muhammad ali jinnah is the founder of pakistan and honoured by all pakistanis. they call him quaid-e-azam (great leader)
founder of pakistan. a complete gentleman who smokes pipe like a bad-ss and makes b-tches scream.
man i wanna smoke the pipe like jinnah
a hardcore islamic extremist who ditched india and founded a mess called pakistan. he is also known as a person who created the issue of kashmir. it is because of this person that many people have died and are still dying across south asia.
jinnah created pakistan, which in turn created taliban.

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