jisoos christ

jisoos christ is the god of the religion known as kpop. he is a member of the group of handsome motherf-ckers called seventeen. jisoos christ (also known as joshua) believes that drinking water is the right thing rather than alcohol and also enjoys being f-cked in the -rs- by his fellow group members, especially jeonghan cuz he can hit the spot.
people who believe in this holy religion praise his handsomeness everyday except for 10:10am/pm since this is another holy time of another member -cough- naega hosh -cough-
those who are strong believers also know that him and jeonghan are meant to b (so s.coups watch yo back boi!) (jk jk)
jeongcheol fan: oh heeeell u know that jeonghan and s.coups are meant to be!
jihan fan: jisoos christ ! b-tch plz, everyone knows that jisoo and jeonghan are meant to be! they actually kissed biiiiiiach!

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