also known as ‘jitch b-st-rd’, and for the cool kids ‘jitchy b’.

a drink made up of:
1 shot of vodka
2 shots of jagermeister
quarter pint of cola
quarter pint of red bull (or cheap aletrnative)

a c-nt of a drink.. produced by c-nts. yay
joe: “hi dave, i’m not drunk enough =”
dave: “oh, try this jitch, it’s quite nice..”
joe: (without a second thought) -sips-

—several minutes later—

dave: “hi joeeeee”
joe: “hobfuihawdha, i lvoe yuo :d:d:d:d”

—several more minutes later and the jitch has started to taste alot like good—

dave: “joe are you dead”
joe: “yes”

—fun was had by all—

—several days later—

dave: “how lnog weer yuo drnuk forrr?”
joe: “dawhdwuighafu”

thanks for reading. sadly joe and dave are still continuing to drink jitch. the end. yay.
a jealous b-tch
she is just a jitch because i’m hotter than she is.
jewish b-tch. jewish meaning stingy or just big-nosed. b-tch meaning “someone’s b-tch” or someone who’s in a bad mood.
dude, you owe me for that money you borrowed, you f-ck-ng jitch!

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