cute pretty funny and nice. one of the best girls you will ever meet. if you date her you are lucky. if she mad she will beat your -ss. she is serious sometimes but mostly goofy and is sensitive and weird. but to even talk to her is a privilege
(guy 1) why you so happy?
(guy 2) im dating jliya.
(guy 1) congrats i wish i was you so i could date her.

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  • littiage

    another word for lit but in a more hype kind of way brian: hey dude wanna watch this lit -ss show with me scott: sure bro the littiage level well be over 9000 hahaha randy: looks at synth synth: looks at randy both randy and synth: “littiage”

  • mini jig

    1. a little exuberant dance 2. an elaborate plan that your friends never follow up on. “i bet you won’t even follow up on this mini-jig” “my friend is good at mini-jigs, like dabbing and heel-clicking”

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