just messing around with you
i’m jmawy cameron!

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  • t*ttie wampn

    what you call doing something when u have nothing to do. and just something funny to say. hey man wat u up to today? sh-t idk proly just t-ttie wampn. word

  • douche-knucker

    it is a noun for being a douche-bag but simply less pleasant( say it with an english accent) man wh-r- : “your a sl-t” hooker:”oh ya well you’re a douche-knucker” ( say the part of the hooker with an english accent )

  • doyle's hand

    1) a hand in texas hold’em being 10, 2 any suit. the name orginated from dolye brunson aka texas dolly a famous poker player. i just got dealt doyle’s hand! time to go all in!

  • dreggz

    a negative alternate name for a bogan or ocker, a person who drinks or smokes way too much and is normally broke two days after pay day. “man, those guys look broke, they are drinking their own p-ss.” “yea, they must be dreggz”

  • dreyton

    the best person on the planet. he can make you laugh even in the worst situations. he has a huge heart and is a good friend. he is strong willed, and though not always confident about it, is very handsome! he has a smile that can light up a town and an infectious laugh that […]

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