jo mama

your mom. yo’ mama.
yo deez, tell jo mama to move her fat -ss so there’s room for my bike in your 3 car garage.
a potentialy humorous alternative to yo or joe mama (mahmah) when pr-nounced yo maymay…
jo mama can make a better example than me..
noun portion of response to any question you don’t wish to answer. usage often leads to follow-up questions and/or altercation.
q: yo, who jacked my spinners while i was inside gettin’ my check cashed?

a: jomama did.

r: man, you tell me or i gonna f u up.
your mother, the person that brought you into this world.
yo sup, how’s jomama doin’?
mexican slang for “yo mama”, or “your dirty b-tch mother”
“get your c-nt -ss up mexican”.
mex: “jo mama’s a c-nt… puto”.
i’m right and you’re wrong!!!
jo mama!!

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