joan baez

the best most brilliant and most beautiful woman to ever walk the earth. she is an amazing musician and has the best politics in the publicized world. she has the voice of an angel, the heart of i don’t know, but someone really really really good, and man she is f-ck-ng gorgeous.
man, that joan baez is one awesome lady, we should all listen to her- both her music and her thoughts on life, we can sure learn a lot from her!
a female folk singer of the sixties whose music is comparable to some of bob dylan’s earlier music.
joan baez is f-ck-ng beautiful.
the queen of folk and defining voice of the sixties. a strident nonviolent activist and one of the most beautiful women in history, inside and out! helped bob dylan, who was unknown, reach a wider audience and he later dumped her in 1965 because he mistakenly thought he could do better!
joan baez is a goddess!
an amazing woman who has made many achivements in the world of music and politics. she has the most beautiful voice in all of recorded music, and possibly the world. she dated bob dylan for a brief period in time, but let’s face it people, they’re not getting back together anytime soon. who cares, joan doesn’t need him anyways!
1. “hey everyone, i’m going to see joan baez in concert!”
“oh my gosh, she rules. can i come too? pleeeeease?”

joan baez is nothing but sweet, kind, and pleasant to her fans.

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