name meaning grace, but also one who has a great sense of humor, intelligent and an impeccable sense of finding fun and adventure; most who meet her love her to death. but be warned as she has a small fuse on patience. so don’t mess with her! she will take a lot, but once she’s done taking, she’ll dish it out well. she’s not one to put up with ignorance and will cut you quickly if you allow her to. she has a great confidence about her and you will think she owns the ground you walk on. guys should be careful engaging in a relationship. she’s worse than any love potion you could get! once you get to know her, you’ll never experience anything like it again
the most sweet and sesitive woman you will ever meet. her heart is so big, sometimes she doesn’t know quite what to do with it. she is beauiful inside and out. underneath her ruggid figure, her heart is huge. if you fall in love with a joe, don’t ever let her go. she just might not come back. dont ever break her heart. she is to fragile. she doesn’t care much for play fighting. joes always give the best hugs, you know you are safe when you are in her arms. you don’t have to even meet her to know she is the one for you. unsure of her self at times. knows what she wants and goes after it. hard to read her mind, but not afraid to share it. always protects the ones she loves. will do great things with her life. probably will even change the world!
joeann is a unique name.
did you know joeann was named after both her parents?

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