ugly..harry d-ck..tiny p-n-s..usually gets girls that names start with a such as alissa, autumn, amy, etc
joedion is so nasty

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  • johnsmithism

    the attribution of behavior to someone with a common name (i.e., john smith, bob smith, mary jones), without thinking of the overall impact your comment has on the unique individuals who actually have that name and don’t act like the “average person.” so it’s like racism, s-xism, or ageism, but based instead on someone’s name. […]

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    cuando una persona esta molestando entonces la otra le dice que se abra que significa vete, que se valla, que se largue, adiós. origen: colombiano abrase de mi casa ya que no están follando igual tu enserio que me fastidias porque mejor no te abres.

  • 5 dollars

    if you look this up on urban dictionary you are a f-ck-ng idiot i paid 5 dollars

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    having a w-nk into a kleenex tissue. james: i’m not feeling too well ted: have a kleenex kiss mate

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