joel is a smart handsome young man who is very friendly and can make the whole room laugh.but make sure not get very friend or his girlfriend will come for you , joel is a popular kid with many talents and is never scared to do the impossible.
“who’s that’s kid over there?”
“are you serious how can you not know who he is! that’s joel!”
refers to a cool, intellectual, popular, well-liked, needed, or otherwise important person. a person that’s more important than regular people. arrised from the word “yo” which resembles the word “joel,” used to call important people who have been predefined as a joel.
person: hey joel!
person who is a joel: hey what’s up?
you’ll never meet anybody whose as interesting as a joel. it’s hard to wrap your fingers around him because he isn’t stable. this guy is so good at reading people and playing mind games that he’ll have you wrapped around his finger before you know it and you’ll fall so in love with him that you’ll begin to disregard all of the bad qualities that he has. a joel is p-ssionate and driven, someone who can overcome challenges without letting the pressure enthrall him. truly a calm and cool individual. he’s smart,cunning,and deceitful but that just adds to his hotness. he’s well liked but he can let it get to his arrogant head and become a rude and selfish jerk. beware if you aren’t in his inner circle or a complete hottie because that’s when his rudeness becomes noticeable. despite his many faults he will cherish those that he love and remain loyal and dedicated to you once you’ve been accepted by him. he’s cautious about who he chooses to surround himself with and thus he knows many but has few true friends. he is the epitome of an evil genius.
girl 1: hey who is that hot guy over there???

girl 2: oh that’s joel but he is such a smart -ss player!!!

girl 1: i’ve finally found what i’ve been looking for!!
1. an awesome name for an awesome guy.

2. to be joel is to be really hot.

(e.g. wow. you are joel)
alex: wow that guy is hot!
karina: oh that’s joel.
alex: oh my goodness.
(n.) joel- the latin version of the hebrew name yo-el, meaning ‘jehova is g-d’ or ‘yahweh is lord’. the greek version ,ioel, has a similar meaning.
this name was possibly derived from the sun god of ur, yo`el, during a time of great cultural mixing.

joel was also the name of a prophet in the to-rah whom warned of the apocalypse.
“would you please open your bibles to the book of joel.”
1. to be blessed with good looks, popularity, intense musical prowess and a large fat p-n-s is to be joel.

2. well known for having an outgoing and positive att-tude. people who are joel are often performers or artists.

3. a person who has all of the answers, even if he has to make them up. a person who is considered an expert even though he has shown absolutely no experience in the subject whatsoever.
1. that dj’s real name must be joel, look at his package!

2. dude, you just joeled that crowd!

3. when in doubt, if you don’t know the answer, you just gotta be quick on your feet and joel em!
joel is an adjective used largely in the surrey/hampshire area used to describe a person of g-d-like qualities or to decribe someone who has just done a g-d-like act.
to pull a joel – to stop a lorry thats brakes have been cut

to be a joel – to have g-d-like characteristics in your persona.
when a pimp makes all of his hos and tricks pay him just for working for him.
jenna jameson is joeling her daddy.

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