a real n-gg-
that n-gg- is such a joevaughn

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  • smurd smudge

    when your friend “b” tries to convey to you the small amount of “stuff” left in the pipe and is so d-mn high that they trip over the words “t-rd, smudge /smear” and says instead “smurd smudge”. you: anything left in the pipe? friend: just a little smurd smudge.

  • hairy water

    p-b-s in the drain my dad left me some hairy water this morning and i had to clean it up.

  • clamschmacking

    the act of two women rubbing their v-lv-e against each other. also known as scissoring. if it weren’t for donald trump, melania would still be clamschmacking in slovenia.

  • curling team

    the male equivalent of a camel toe when only the b-lls show. when julio sat down i could see his curling team protruding like lion cubs from his pants.

  • bone flick my tit

    you know like when you see food and it looks good as h-ll u just say bone flick my t-t before u eat it lmao it’s like bone app the teeth or somethin “this sh-t looks so f-cking good omg” “bone flick my t-t let’s eat hoe”

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