the hottest s-xiest thing alive. i wanna lick his face off.
i wish my boyfriend was a joey.
i know don’t we all?
a unique guy, with a great sense of humor
tall,dark, and handsome
cuddly like a teddy bear but strong like a man
gorgeous eyes,and a great conversationalist
complete package
total hottie
my joey joe joe
joey is soooooooooo hot
a dependable friend and someone who’ll always be there for someone they care about. the life of the party and hilarious. a little too perverted at times but its funny so it all works out. always knows how to cheer someone up. a hard worker with a little too much on their plate but they try their best. sometimes a joey needs a good friend to remind them its all worth it.
i was having a bad night until i got online and talked to him. he’s such a joey
a term for baby kangaroo.
but not only that, it is australian slang for a person usually youn, who is very bouncy, energetic, and sometimes may act a little violent and crazy
i was at the bar hittin on some d-mn joey’s girlfriend and he hit me in the face!
joey – a man who takes your breath away everytime you see him. your thoughts leave your head and your instincts take over, leaving you vulnerable and willing to follow his command. if you are ever lucky enough to wake up next to this man, you know you finally are home and your heart will finally rest easier.
someday i’ll wake up with my joey.
an intelligent, incredible s-xy, and wonderful human being.
joey has the habit of breaking everything down and making things
complicated. however, it makes him even more adorable. joey has a great
sense of humor and can always make you laugh. hours feel like seconds when
you’re talking to joey.joey is also a stud m-ffin, being far from joey can
be extremely difficult. joey is the sweetest gentlemen and utterly irresistable. joey will make you smile like a fool.
joey is the best thing that has happened to me.
irish origin,means that he is better than you at everything just the coolest name in the world
joey is the coolest person ever

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