johnathan tuttle

a non-physical character created for an episode of m-a-s-h during the series early years. johnathan tuttle was fabricated by the character hawkey during his childhood as an imaginary friend. hawkeye used the name jonathan tuttle to help trapper and himself smuggle supplies to an orphanage. hawkey promoted johnathan to a captain. over the course of the episode the whole camp was lead to believe they all knew and had a cherished friendship with captain tuttle. the tuttle situation got out of hand and in the end hawkey killed off johnny.

jonathan: druid, doctor, surgeon, saint, and friend.

the name can be used in an context relating to fake people.
person one: where were you?
person two: i was having lunch with john.
person one: who?
person two: you know johnathan tuttle?
person one: have i met him?
person two: of course, you met yesterday while you were doing that thing.
person one: oh yes now i remember! what a nice guy!

“that’s a real as johnathan tuttle!”

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