joij is joij, don’t argue.
d-mn boy, i got some of that good joij last night.

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  • rise for the prize

    to become erect for s-x. ok, we need to get naked while i rise for the prize!

  • vandunk

    a punk lil b-tch who punches walls irrationally and acts upon words and makes petty bets he’s breaking things! he’s such a vandunk!

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    the nostalgic longing to be at or on one’s way to a music festival, preferably one far away from the responsibilities, stress, angst and conflict of the straight world. this feeling may be simultaneously eased and provoked by consuming festival recap videos, dj sets, scouring set lists and/or by planning for your next festival. i’m […]

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  • ekhlas ogle

    a thot who sucks gorilla d-ck ohh sh-t that b-tch a ekhlas ogle

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