a group of teenage females, which many guyz are intersted in at a certain time or place, because the are easy….and likely to give it up
“yo let’s go bag those jointz over there, son”

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    when you pull your p-n-s out of a girl and her v-g-n- grips it so hard that it’s pulled out an inch or two. man julie is so tight her lip grip is insane l-b– covering a p-n-s during a s-xual intercourse and its stretching back and forth. we were doing it in a reverse […]

  • jumpin' off

    to start a argument from no type of previous problems. diamond was sitting down when shamajah started jumpin’ off and said “diamond you know no one in this school likes you.”

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    when a girl’s underwear has been displaced, by prolonged activity, drunkenly falling, or just having a overly lippy v-g-n-, leaving one lip exposed and blowing in the wind outside the underwear. “these panties are miserable, i’ve been lippin’ out all day” “i got a shot at her nethers when she was getting out of the […]

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