a very kind and beautiful person and very chill
jolynne is very beautiful

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  • kleck

    noun: (1) -n-s filled with s-m-n, typically of a prost-tute, unfaithful woman, or gold digger. (2) a derrogotory term for an unfaithful woman, or a gold digger. (1) after we were finished she sat, letting her kleck leak onto the floor. (2) that kleck stole 35,000$ from me right before sleeping with my brother.

  • kungfuzzled

    someone who backstabs you. guy#1: dude kungfuzzled told me i suck. guy#2: thats kung for you!

  • languist

    a person who refuses to speak another language other than his native one that person is such a languist

  • latero

    in chilean slang, latero or latera they say when a situation, person or procedure is busy or bored, because they don’t want to waste their time on that. in philosophy cl-ss, a teacher hasn’t stopped talking since starting the cl-ss about an hour ago. then yawning paula says “el profe latero”

  • lemonhole

    lemonhole refers to a person of whorish nature. anyone who sleeps around is a loose goose lemonhole ex: sandra:”mitch gave me clamydia” tony: “ewwww. what a lemonhole!”

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