jonty lee

man with the world’s biggest p-n-s
is that at jonty lee??

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  • hesi

    hesitation move in which you cause your opponent to fall over and lose his ankles. chef curry: i gave him a hesi and he dropped hard to the ground man!! le-brick: daaaaaaaaaamn curry; last time something like that dropped, world war ii ended!

  • Mom Net

    getting c-ckblocked by your mother “i was trying to get it on with britney and my mom was like “john, chicken nuggets are ready!”.” i got caught in a mom net.

  • National Bite People Who Annoy You Day

    national bite people who annoy you day date: august 30th country of origin: facebook observing countries: facebook, twitter, instagram august 30th each year is national bite people who annoy you day. this holiday was created on social media & in no way excludes biters from legal prosecution. unless said biter is able to convince said […]

  • Inarticulate idiot

    a person that believes “bon appét-t” is pr-nounced and spelled “bone apple tea”. some inarticulate idiot actually believes that “bon appét-t” is pr-nounced, and spelled “bone apple tea”!

  • Squish name

    a pet name or nickname “i’m going to call you haz, as a squish name.”

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