a very upset canadian who can get super giggles and has a d-ck the size of his lamp
omg joobjoob just fkin owned me

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    a really mediocre rugby team, based in bridgend (south wales), who are famous for having the att-tude that each player in all their age groups is god’s gift. it’s this awful way of thinking, as you would know if you knew them, that makes them “a cut above” in their own minds. in the event […]

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    another word for a drug that keeps chicks stable all the time. ginger, do you have a lexaho? i need one now before i freak the f-ck out!!!! no worries, we’re all on lexaho these days.

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    an attractive female with loose morals. one that wouldnt mind, or enjoy getting ‘slimed’ “dude im sick of all these skeezers we have around, its time for an upgrade” “well ill call up some dimer slimers for the night”

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