a nickname for josh/joshua.a very fun loving and caring person.looks innocent but is probably the dirtiest person you can ever meet.acts dumb but is really smart inside and knows it.has a great personality and enjoys many things like nature to technology.looks young for his age and typically surrounds himself with woman and is s-x obsessed.
person:who’s that?
friend:thats joosh
person:why is he in highschool he looks like a 5th grader?
friend:hes older than us.
another spelling of jewish
hey, quit being joosh, gimme a dollar!
to be used when a douche goes above and beyond the call of douchedom. a combination of josh and doooosh.
guy 1: that guy has a face i just want to punch

guy 2: yea, hes such a joosh
a jewish douche. the ultimate insult.
your brother is such a joosh, i never want to see him again.

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