jorja fox

the actress who plays ‘sara sidle’ on csi
did you see csi last night? jorja fox was great!
awesome actress on csi (original) who the -ssh-l-s at cbs broadcasting fired just becasue she asked for more money ( which she had every right to do) because she was receiving the same paycheck that she got for season one of csi and she didn’t get any raises even after the show’s amazing success
in a pefect world, jorja fox would shoot les moonves 18 times in the face,a ss, and neck.
the actress who played the character sarah sidle on csi, and double-handedly made the show kick -ss with the help of william petersen, who played the character gil grissom. also very f-ckable.
person 1: without jorja fox, we would’ve had to watch catherine, more of that t-t greg, and that c-nt nick.
person 2: well, then we’d just watch csi miami.
person 1: i’d rather scarf down a wet bucket full of meekrob.
person 2: i agree.

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