joseph case high school

case high school is a school in the ritzy and snooty town of swansea, m-ssachusetts. case has about 500 students that like to brag about how much better they are than people in the sh-tty cities close by like fall river and new bedford. the school does all right in sat scores and stupid sh-t like that and is known for it’s volleyball team and a huge s-xting scandal a few years ago where most of the attention seeking girls in the school were giving our nasty nudes to any guy that would take them. since swansea is a ritzy town the scandal was covered up as quickly as possible and the girls given hugs and told to wait to they’re older to start acting like such attention seeking hoes.
i wish i went to joseph case high school, it’s not nearly as sh-tty as schools near by and the girls love to act like hoes and give out p-rn.

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