the rare combination of beauty and personality, seldom found in the continental us, but at least one example is confirmed to exist. 😉
when you meet joslin you’ll know.
a girl with hidden talents and knowledge. she is loving to all and loyal as man’s best friend. all the girls envy her. she is a brown eyed beauty and all the boys want to date her but she keeps them at arms length so they will not spoil her purity. she is waiting for the perfect man. ask her for help and she is the first one there. need help moving, shoveling, cleaning or babysitting she is your girl.
you know a joslin when you see her
a beautiful and unique name that is typically given to a stunning and elegant female, and sometimes a handsome man.
joslin is a beautiful name and you are a attractive woman.
a huge huge huge sl-t who leads guys on. shes annoying as h-ll and thinks shes the hottest sh-t but she isnt. likes to complain about her v-g-n- and b–bs. grabs girls and guys -sses and b–bs. a huge stoner. a girl who needs to stop smoking off her -ss and get a life! this girl is the biggest two faced little sk-nk ive ever met. treats everyone like sh-t! do not trust this girl! (from michigan)
i heard that joslin has crabs and herpes

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