ju-ken, also known as the b-ss, is the most in-demand b-ssist in the j-panese music (jrock) scene. he is, by far, one of the best b-ssists in history. he is currently part of the band vamps with l’arc~en~ciel’s hyde and oblivion dust’s k.a.z., however, he is more commonly known for his work as a member of gacktjob, the backup band of the ridiculously popular musician gackt. apart from vapms and gacktjob, he has worked with model and singer anna tsuchiya, fake?, oblivion dust, spin aqua, inoran and the super-group s.k.i.n.

he is also recognized as one of the s-xiest beings ever to walk the planet.
“why is ju-ken called ‘the b-ss’?”

“because he’s the b-ssist for every f-cking band ever.”

“is he good?”

“the best”

“i waited on line for three days in new york to see vamps. hyde and k.a.z. are great and all, but i was really only there for ju-ken.”

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