21st century answer to the job. job is actually an acronym for “just over broke”. jub is also an acronym… “just under broke”

in the last century, most of the working cl-ss had jobs and barely broke even after everything was said and done.

in this century, increasingly fewer people are employed and those hapless few that actually escape the unemployment roll after several months of living in dest-tute poverty will find that they all have jubs… working like slaves in horrible working conditions doing menial drone work… still living in dest-tute povery… not breaking even. welcome to 21st century america… get used to it… now, get back to work!
man on street: hey buddy, can ya spare some change for a guy down on his luck?

man hastily walking down sidewalk: hey, ya lazy b-m… get a jub! oh, sorry i didn’t recognize you. didn’t i used to work for you at xyz company? jeez… you look like a wreck!

man on street: geez! thanks for noticing. i do have a jub. xyz company just hired me back at 1/4 pay three months ago after laying me off a year and a half ago.
to split the cost, value or amount of a certain resource e.g a bag of sweets, the cost of weed etc
can be referred to as ‘going jubs’ or ‘jubsing it’ or even ‘jubsing in’
now that you two are jubsing it, lemme jubs in on it
pills, normally ecstasy.
lets drop some more jubs.
another word for t-ts
whoa! look at the jubs on that hosehound!
tig ole’ bitties
i was bangin ur mom from behind and held onto her jubs for balance
1- a person who just did something stupid.

2- an friend whom you like to call names.
person #1: joe got caught smoking last night.

person #2: what a jub!


what up jubs?
pr-nounced joobs romany traveller word meaning lice etc
keep your juk (dog)away its fulla jubs

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