1) the word ‘jew’ in spanish.

2) in reference to anyone who nakes around, does something dumb, or actually is a jew.
that judio really got angry when he was called out in matt-ball that he just started going all judio on g-$!!
someone of jewish decent who has rossashia and likes to nake around
look at that judio who nakes around

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    (jew-k-ed) the verb of faking to hit someone, usually to make them flinch. carter: i pretented to slap sam in the face. josh: oh, nice, you just juiked him out.

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    a girl seen on the jumbotron at a sporting event, especially a hot one, which is the type usually chosen for jumbofame since that’s what the cameramen look for. wow, check out that jumbobabe! that’s what live sports is really about!

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