legendary person
hes such a jugtej

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  • shanksgiving

    when you’re about to eat thanksgiving dinner, and the person with the knife stabs the turkey straight through the middle with a violent action. sammy: let’s eat! -stab- geoff: why did sammy have to shanksgiving the turkey? it’s completely unnecessary. claire: yeah i know, he could’ve just cut it normally instead of pretending he was […]

  • free points

    a person who thinks they are good at volleyball because their brother is good at it. they also like to “have some vape”, drink it, because they are too stupid to know what vaping is. alex: hey twoz, you good at volleyball? twoz: im the best player alex: no bro, you’re free points

  • frothy cr*pachino

    the act of peeing inside ones gaping -sshole untill the pee starts to froth in said -sshole man me and brandon were having such p-ssionate s-x last night that he actually allowed me to give him a frothy cr-pachino.

  • jeffrey w*ng

    10/10 f-ck boy stop being a jeffrey w-ng.

  • delchristoff

    stupid dumb-ss with a batman hairline thats been held back because he thinks he’s some type of snoop dogg. person 1: “hey, delchristoff, my hiv tests came in negative” delchristoff: maybe you should’ve studied. person 3: what….

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