a term used to describe intriguing news or information.
i’ve got some juicee news about tom. his girlfriend is cheating… with his brother!

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  • Juice face

    when someone drinks juice and gets it on their face. the juice is not cleaned off so it drys leaving a stain that’s the same color as the juice, thus creating juice face. “yo, n-gg- we must missed snack time. all these little f-ggots already have juice face.”

  • juice fairy

    giving a large amount of juice to random people josh is such a juice fairy.

  • ktssu

    k – keep, t- the, s- shiny, s- side, u- up see you later and ktssu!


    after bare back s-xual intercourse it is common place for a woman to expel unwanted man milk. this is called “drip out”, also known as “leakage” after stacy takes everything her mans yoghurt rifle has to offer she experiences extreme “drip out”

  • Rise Of The Ogre

    the greatest book made. it is an awesome book about an interview with the gorillaz. loads of awesome gorillaz art is in there too, alot of rare sh-t too. 300+ pages of sausy goodness. meh: zomg i gots rise of the ogre yesterday when i came out in america! miniman: oh.. yeah.. good for you.. […]

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