to be fooled or purposely mislead.
that n-gg- juked me. he said he was gonna pay me back, but he didn’t.
to be screwed over. to be diapointed with an outcome of a situation.
i’m so juked that i got a parking ticket.

i’m pretty juked that larry f-cked my little sister!

the show is allready sold out? juked!
to be tricked or baffled in a way relating to, or involving sound.
she told me she was gonna be here….d-mn i got juked!

the beginning of the song jukes you, it starts all soft, but it really turns into a hard rock anthem during the refrain.
to be avoided via instant messaging, on facebook, by a friend who is clearly logged in.
my friend was logged into our socail network and when i sent her a message she paused then logged off. wtf i got juked!
something that was exciting or energizing.
that party was so juked!
broken, messed-up, nonfunctional.
man, my cd player is totally juked after i dropped it.
when a man -j-c-l-t-s while having great s-x with a pleasing woman. he has an -rg-sm before he wants to because he is too excited to hold back from excitement.
man, she was so fine and she was so good in bed that she juked me before i knew it.

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