a smart, beautiful, and hard working.
hey juleth you so pretty.

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  • liblab

    cool way to say library. p1: ay let’s get turnt tonite p2: sorry i can’t i have to go to the library p1: f—in loser p1: ay let’s get turnt tonite p2: i’ll be at the liblab all nite p1: ooh thas lit

  • folatrolic

    when too much energy is produced and is unable to escape, so the energy builds up up, becoming folatrolic. the energy was folatrolic

  • will and millie

    best couple ever. they should definitely date! go ask each other out now!!! you love each other wow, will and millie are the best couple.

  • erryn

    there aren’t any definitions for erryn yet. can you define it?

  • cookie hole

    a sweet-smelling v-g-n- with freckles. the intoxicating aroma smells similar to freshly baked pastries. but the freckles are so abundant, it resembles a chocolate chip cookie. “you can suck my cookie hole!!”

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