a real g. probs obsessed with britney spears and ikea. deffo a real good friend and v tall. pretty good lookin and very funny.
hi juliusz.
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  • jabait

    when someone tricks you for fun and for there own pleasure “im gonna jabait him its gonna be funny” buy the domain for your recipe blog

  • omega lul

    an emote on twitch spammed when something funny or dumb happens. *dies in game to no reason* omega lul omega lul omega lul buy the domain for your diy blog

  • areyouokdude?

    areyouokdude? is a way to ask if your homie is ok when he trips while you are running to catch the cat bus. homie1: areyouokdude? homie2: bleh

  • million times

    when you say something once but people dum af you’ve said that like a million times buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • hoimagoi

    oh my god said during s-x him: *hitting it from the back* her: “hoimagoi this feels nice” buy the domain for your pet vlog

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