juneau is the landlocked capitol city of alaska. it has a population of roughtly 30,000 and growing. juneau is also one of the largest tourist destinations in the state by way of cruise ship.
the people in juneau have a tendancy to be very nice and friendly, often either extremist right wing conservatives or uber-liberal hippies. somehow, even these two groups of people tend to get along wonderfully, despite their political values (ask about anwr).
when traveling to juneau, people are often most astonished by the overwhelming amount of surrounding mountains and glaciers. not far behind is an equally overwhelming amount of rain–as southeast alaska is a rainforest.
“i visited juneau, alaska on my cruise.”
“so…you haven’t really visited juneau then, eh?”
a very common canine (dog) name
juneau is my favorite dog
juneau is the current capitol of alaska, where it is rumored that teams of dogs lead men to mines of gold and bears out number humans 2/1. when disscusing juenau the small white logging town of sitka, may arise in conversation. it is best in these situations to ignore the subject of sitka, as it’s residents are still some what sore that it is not the capitol.
no wonder why juenau is the captiol josh, sitka blows -ss, through a tracheotomy tube.

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