a powerful and lively man who sports intelligence and humor. he is known for his rather crudge antics and humor, but at times proves himself as loyal to his friends. however, some people just cannot bring themselves to understand how great jung is, and thus consequently hate him and try to hurt him at every possible opportunity.
i got stranded before, but thanks to my friend i came out alive.
jung is the bomb.
the best man ever to grace the earth. he was spiritual, scientific, sensitive, emotional and really clever. great stuff!
d-mn, i wish jung could’ve psychobabbled me…
-a fierce woman often involved in war against the opposite s-x
“she ain’t no s-xist b-tch she’s a jung!”
a jung (more commonly referred to as ‘junging’) is the awkward moment when two people attempt to p-ss each other in a doorway (or other tight sp-ce), but they repeatedly move in the same direction. this often leads to an embarr-ssing grunt by both parties before they consciously move past each other.
man, i was junging with this dude in the doorway to the toilets for like 10 minutes, it was f-ckin’ bad-ss
a mixture of j-zz and dung. a type of seepage that results from excessive -n-l penetration.
wow, that’s a load of jung. you are so kinky.
one of the only words in the english language that can be used as an adjective, noun, and verb. words -ssociated with “jung” are usually negative, and revolve around the subject failing at a given task, or simply, just failing at life. “jung” is a term for those who are at the lowest level of the social status.
adjective “you just junged it up” means: “you just f*cked that one up.”

verb “that was a jung move” means: “that was a total failure.”

noun “what’s up, jung!” means: “hey, loser.”
a c-cky asian who likes to say shut up and stupid. also thinks he’s good at basketball.
bro: hey man
jung: shut up stupid you messed up my newfie swish!

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