Jungle Dare

on the hierarchy of dares, a jungle dare out-trumps them all. where the dared may not be able to back down from a triple dog dare, to back down from a jungle dare could prove fatal – the jungle is where the dog dares go to die.
darer: hey philip, i dare you to drink my diarrhea juice.
philip: no way!
darer: hey philip, i double dog dare you to lick that cat’s -n-s.
philip: no way!
darer: hey philip, i triple dog dare you to nibble on that squirrel’s scr-t-.
philip: no way!
darer: hey philip, i jungle dare you to make out with that pre-op tranny.
philip: well, i guess i don’t have a choice. (he then proceeds to make out with the pre-op tranny.)

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