a particularly annoying subspecies of the profession “recruiter” who solicits the general public with advertis-m-nts for employment that are totally unrelated to the recipient’s own set of skills/qualifications/desire to find new employment.

junk-jobbers solicit via telephone, email, or both, making them members of two other annoying professions: telemarketer and professional spammer. they can be spotted by observing the following:

— the spam that junk-jobbers send out via email has a distinctly “spam” feel to it (not really intended for anyone in particular…). it often contains more advertising than information, usually making nebulous claims about “how much you can earn for no real education or experience.” the grammar is often atrocious, and the sender has either a foreign-sounding name or an obvious “sock puppet” american name.

— if the junk-jobber operates by phone, expect them to sound like they are reading robotically from a script, often with poor grammar and a very thick foreign accent. if you ask questions; they become either evasive or ill-mannered, and try to steer the conversation back to their script.

— if one reads (or decompiles) their emails carefully, most will reveal very unskilled use of search engines typically focusing on the job location only, and extensive use of blind mail merges without any human intervention. they clearly did not read your resume. listening carefully to any phone conversation with them will reveal the same thing.
“how … would … you … like … to … work … in … a … good … government … job”, the junk-jobber belted out, speaking like a robot.

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