1. in it’s ultimate sense ‘jurd’ is a word that is a replacement for the term ‘lol’ as we believe that it is incredibly overused. however, jurd can be used in many other contexts, for example as an expression of either annoyance or deep joy. it can also be a subst-tute for dull nouns or verbs, with the meaning being communicated more through gestures and emphasis than the expression itself.

2. jurd is a colourless item that smells like a felt tipped pen and tastes like raspberries on a warm summer’s eve.

3. the jurd is a cult, with phillipa and mazz as it’s chief leaders. followers of the jurd are known as jurdites. in this connotation jurd must always be written and spoken with a capital ‘j’. the arch enemies of the jurd are the jurdless ones. they are known in fear and spoken of only to those who know the true meaning and power of the jurd.
“what the jurd?”

“oh jurd it.”

“h-llo there my jurding old chum would you like some raspberry jurd?”

“my jurding computer is so slow, it needs a good kick up the jurd methinks”

“i had a really good jurd last night”

“you know me, i’m only jurding”
someone that is both a t-rd and a jerk.

a name used between best friends when no better insult can be thought of.

an insult for when someone is mad at someone else and is at a loss for words.
you’re such a jurd!

why do you have to be such a jurd?

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