1) means law in latin. as in jurisdiction, jury, and juris doctorate, etc.

2) a male name of latvian origin. in general juris’ tend to be ridiculously hot, flirtatious, self-centered, manipulative, intelligent, funny, ego-maniacs with an inferiority complex. they party like rock-stars and make bad choices in their youth and find it very hard to grow up. they use their good looks and natural charm to manipulate women and get their way in adverse situations. they make lousy boyfriends and tend to break up with you via text message if they notify you at all of the breakup, but wonderful husbands and fathers if you are lucky enough to tame one. be wary, they use their bad-boyfriend image to attract more than their allotment of women, and have been known to date your friends and your friends’ friends, leaving a trail of broken hearts and bitterness wherever they go. they are intense lovers, generous friends, slow to anger, excellent flirts, and fun at parties.
“omg, i woke up next to a juris, but i don’t remember a thing.”

“i married a juris and it took years to break him in but now he is wonderful.”

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